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Exploring various animal survival strategies, this exhibit at AMNH required anatomically correct interstitial assets for 3 interactive animations. Participants were superimposed into the scene to interact with the creatures within it. 



While coral spawns, a peacock mantis shrimp would rush out of its lair when a participant throws it a clam.

The mantis would smash the clam and return to its lair with its food. Additional species included fire clam, barracuda and schools of blue tangs.

AMNH Interactive animation scene copy.jpg
kids-playing-with-interactive_rm_dynamic_lead_slide copy.jpg
142801122607877 copy.jpg
3819dbc5d6075760e88bd0c517ecd086 copy.jpg


Leaves fall in this forest as creatures emerge at dusk. Participants are encouraged to stomp their feet on the ground stirring the sow bugs and worms below. A star-nosed mole would rushes in to eat them. Above ground, cecropia moths flutter about. A striped skunk raises its tail in warning to any participant who get too close, and sprays them if they do.

A great horned owl surveys all, blinking sleepily from its tree. 

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