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Hygge is the Danish practice that embodies a feeling of comfort, contentment, and well-being through simple and everyday experiences.

When I was asked to develop a line of sensory plush toys and teethers while adhering to the concept of hygge , my first question was "Can I make a woolly mammoth?" Dinosaurs and Megafauna of every epoch have always been a favorite subject of mine. So much, in fact I seriously considered pursuing a career in paleontology.
The five Pleistocene species I chose were the woolly mammoth "Myrtle", horse "Clip-Clop", cave bear "Björn", glyptodont "Gumdrop" and an animal completely new to science (because I just made it up) "Ginger", the saber-floof tiger.

In keeping with a Danish modern esthetic, I approached this project in a way that would maintain a clean, simple yet cuddly form for these characters. I found inspiration in the 20,000 years old Palaeolithic cave paintings of Lascaux, France. Those bold graphic shapes that instantly convey species with a minimum of line and color fueled my imagination.
A cheerful color palate and playful, cozy embellishments of tassels, pompoms and fringes added a touch of whimsey and friendly charm to this collection. In addition to tactile sensory components, each toy in this line included a visual or auditory sensory activity to engage or sooth infants and toddlers alike.

Both wooden and silicone teethers were designed to complement this line.
The wooden teethers offer a range of advantages for parents looking for a natural and safe teething solution for their babies. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, provide a unique sensory experience, and are durable and long-lasting. these also included additional enrichment elements for play and engagement.

Silicone teethers made of food-grade silicone, use a completely safe silicone material that is compatible with food. Silicone is soft and chewy due to its rubbery feel. It can soothe your baby’s gums and remains durable for a long time.  


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